Power Automation

Visiontech Automation provide PLC controlled DG/TG /GG Set Automation. In our control philosophy provision is provided to select any generator as a lead generator. Basic requirement of selection of generator as a lead generator is to achieve the uniform running hours of all generators.

We are expert in manufacturing DG synchronizing system which are used for automatic changeover from E.B mains to DGs at the time of E.B failure. When the E.B mains supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the DGs.

AMF / LMS System Functions

  • Auto start/stop
  • Emergency stop
  • Fault indication/Alarms
  • Monitoring of Voltage, frequency, current of Mains , and DGs
  • Monitoring of DG Temperature, Oil Level etc.,
  • Manual start /Stop
  • Status Indication

Synchronization System Features

  • Suitable for 15 kVA to 2200 kVA DGs
  • Automatic generator Starting, Load Sharing Stopping
  • Frequency, Voltage, Current, kW, kVAr, kVA measurements
  • Multifunction meters for measurement and indication
  • Synchronization, Earth Fault, Over current, Over voltage, Under voltage, Reverse Power , loss of excitation Relays
  • kW sharing/ kVAr sharing
  • Fault indication
  • Status signal indication